Life Changes… for the better?

During my first semester in college, I remember my lovely roommate began trying a few DIY facial cleansing masks. I’ve never been into fashion or beauty or anything of the sort but my roommate convinced me to try it on anyways. I did. It was okay. Today just before writing this post, I was putting on a grape cleansing mask that my mom had given me. As I squeezed all of the formula out of the tiny package, I began to wonder about how natural this cleansing mask was. Was it even natural? Yes, grape was in the name but that certainly didn’t mean that it was completely natural.

I remembered this pin that I had recently found that contained easy DIYs with two ingredients. The first one in that post was about making your own natural lip balm using crayons and coconut oil. The first moment I saw it, I thought it was a good idea and I shared it with a friend and we decided to make them together (we never did for whatever reason). So I was just thinking about maybe investing into making some lip balm for myself, but as always, I began to think bigger. The only make-up/beauty guru that I really follow is Michelle Phan. She always emphasizes the use of natural, non-chemical ways to clean your face and take care of it properly and I know she has her own line of beauty products. Now, let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to buy a $30 eyeshadow palette when you’re a non-working college student. So, maybe I won’t do something as big as “em by michelle phan” but I certainly think I can pull off having a bit of DIY make-up in my hands.

I began to search on my favorite DIY source and I found another pin that contains 100+ Beauty DIYs. There is everything in this post, from foundation, to lip balms, to toothpaste, to even homemade sensual care products! I think I may focus the most on hair and makeup and I will have to save some money in order to get some of this stuff but in the long run it should be money saving. I will let you guys know how it goes!

Have you ever tried any DIY recipes? How did they go? Comment below!


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