Personal: Survival Mode On

It’s kind of sad for me to say that I am three weeks behind in one of my University classes, I’ve missed the last two choir practices, and I have stopped practicing violin every day. What is going on? I have no idea. We all have these kinds of phases every once in a while, right? It’s like a complete block that sometimes you can’t get over. It sucks, I know.

Well, aside from my inability to finish my homework, being three weeks behind, and constantly listening to the original Wicked and Phantom of the Opera soundtracks, here I am writing on WordPress. I set up this blog about a year ago and I had a few published posts but I never really paid attention to it. I’ve always wanted to blog but there are so many options it is hard to choose only one. For now I think I choose WordPress since I already have my dot com page that I use to upload my photography work (, which is very empty since two weeks ago my external hard drive which had my “portfolio” projects died. -sigh- I am still looking for alternatives as to storing my work somewhere and although I like using online, it still seems like a hassle to work with.

Anyways, putting all that negativity out of the way, I just got a new coffee cup and it looks like a Canon camera lens! It makes me really happy! Today I went into my workplace as a guest so I could finish some of my homework and one of my coworkers saw me pour coffee into the cup and he totally thought I was about to pour coffee on my lens. It was awesome.

I also have work on Saturday morning which means that I will be getting paid! X3 It’ll be a thrill since it’s photography for a birthday party. My client’s little girl is turning one year old tomorrow and I am going to be the photographer. It’s a ballet themed party and I already have a few ideas of a few cute photos I will be taking for them!


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