Life Changes: Mason Jar Salads

So, remember that one post I had made about trying out organic makeup this semester? Well, it hasn’t happened– but that doesn’t mean I still live the same way. This semester, as soon as I was able to, I decided to go ahead and change up my diet completely. Now, I’m not a nutriologist so I don’t know if what I am doing is completely healthy or not but here’s a peek into what I have been doing at least on the lunch aspect of my meals~


Mason jar salads! I absolutely love making these! They save me time, which I am forced to manage as a college student, and they are good and filling.


You will need:
-Mason Jars
-Lettuce or Spinach
-Green Bell Pepper
-Your choice of chesse
-Protein (meat!)
-Dressing of choice

Don’t you just hate it when you are about to eat a salad and it becomes all soggy because it’s been sitting there, dressing and all, for some hours before lunch? Well, this definitely doesn’t happen with mason jar salads! First off, you start by adding your dressing, that way your ingredients will all stay fresh at the top where they can’t absorb the dressing and get soggy. For this batch, I went ahead and added raspberry or balsamic vinaigrette per jar.


Honestly, whatever ingredients you add is really up to you but for my salads this week I went with the ingredients listed above. You could always add something like black olives, beans, or even sliced dill pickle!! It’s all up to what you like to eat.


The procedure is really simple! You just layer all your vegetables together and compress them as much as possible! The only thing to keep in mind is that whatever is closest to the dressing is what will absorb the dressing into itself! You might want to keep the harder vegetables at the bottom and layer towards the softest vegetables at the top. In my case, I begin with the cucumber and tomato, then add the bell peppers and the chickpeas to top with lettuce, avocado a cheese!

IMG_0008  IMG_0010 IMG_0013

Once you have finished, your mason jar should look full and tasty! Close it up and store in the refrigerator! The colder the salad is, the better. Sometimes you want to eat one as soon as you finish making them! If your veggies are room temperature by then, then simply place that jar in the freezer for about two minutes and check!


Enjoy! 🙂


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