Alicia | 21 | Christian | Musician | Artist | Writer | Language Lover | Dreamer


I am an artist, a musician, and a writer! I do a little of all three in the sense that I can’t stick with one type at a time but I go through cycles in which you see a lot of each. Yep. So sometimes in here you will see a lot about art a time, or all about music at a time, or all about stories!!

I am an animation major and I want to make animations and videos in my unique style that show the overflowing love of God so that people will be reached no matter where they are from or the language barrier! I also love things animation not only from the big companies like Disney and Dreamworks but also from others like BlueSky Studios (which is pretty much growing). It is my dream to one day work there! And I am in the process of getting there! 🙂

I am a language lover! I speak and write fluent English and Spanish and I am in the process of taking a French class, and learning Korean and Japanese on my own! Although I do go to Korean church and I hear it all day one day and catch words here and there! I am so blessed by that! I think God has put it in my heart to open a sort of place where people who want to serve in other countries as missionaries can go there and learn the languages. Maybe someday with God’s blessing.

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